Edition 2022

During the 2022 edition of the project, 20 workshops organized by 12 companies from the modern business services sector including: Cash Director, DS Consulting, Genpact, OEX Voice Contact Center, Publicies Re: Sources, Transitions Technologies-Software and Vistra Poland were attended by 286 students from Lublin universities (UMCS, KUL, Lublin University of Technology, University of Life Sciences, WSPA).
The students learned how companies in the modern business services sector operate and gained skills to enhance their competencies in the labor market. During the meetings, participants developed their soft skills, including learning how to manage themselves in time, deal with stress, conduct negotiations, as well as improving self-presentation and experiencing communication in a multicultural work environment. In addition, they learned how to start and develop their careers, create resumes, and learned about key soft and hard competencies, which are evaluated, among other things, during recruitment interviews. The project’s program also included, among other things: a workshop introducing modern technologies that are used in outsourcing in accounting, the principles of Design Thinking methodology, and a meeting with a software tester who explained the principles of daily work in this profession.